Documents required for construction in Bahria Town Karachi

Standing operation procedure for construction of house in Bahria Town

NOTE:An oversight in scrutiny of drawings at the time of approval of the Building Plan does not entitle the owner to violate the building by laws.

  • Gate Design
  • Boundary Wall
  • Finishing Material
  • Aluminum Frames of windows for front façade & glass
  • Floor finishes level 2’ – 0” from load level
  • Height of the building 30’
  • Porch Level = 9”
  • Porch Depth minimum 12’ or max 380 sq ft area
  • Mumty & projection not allowed

Allowable Covered Area.

PLOT SIZE ▼125 Sq. Yds (25’x45′)▼250 Sq. Yds (35’x70′) ▼500 Sq. Yds (50’x90′)▼1000 Sq. Yds ▼2000 Sq. Yds ▼
Area %70%65%50%50%50%


  1. It is mandatory that boundary wall should be build up at D.P.C level & get checked from Bahria Services.
  2. It is mandatory to get your inspection card signed by the site inspector on every state otherwise completion certificate will not be issued.
  3. After plaster, before exterior finished, please contact color consultant in design wing.
  4. The responsibility lies with the client & constrictor:
    1. To ensure quality of concrete, curing of concrete works and plaster work.
    2. For plinth protection and to stop ingress of water to foundation
  1. Clients are advised to award construction work the constructors who has qualified engineers with them.
  2. Storm water drain will not be connected with sewerage system of Bahria Town.

All Payments deposted are refundable with 10% deduction.

All payments are valid for One year only. Payments are to be made in advance.

Please make your payments (in the form of Cash/Pay Order/ Demand Drafts) in United Bank Ltd.

Submission Drawings Mandatory

Clients are adviced to get the submission drawings prepared from outside Architect / Consultants.

Process of Design:

  • Payments in Advance in United Bank Ltd.
  • Get designs options from Design Wing.
  • Appointment with architect to finalize the plan.
  • Soil Test to be done by the client from any soil registered  with PEC and licensed by SBCA
  • Structural drawings to be done by PEC registered engineer.
  • Structure & MEP Engineer visits will be conducted during construction.
  • Fixed elevation of 125 & 250 Sq.Yds.

Documents Required:

  • ID card copy
  • Allotment Letter
  • Possession Letter (Copy)
  • Design fees payment receipt
  • In case of client absence, the person collecting drawings and inspection card should have authority letter, verified by owner.
  • At the time of collection of drawings as affidavit on a stamp paper of Rs.100/- is mandatory.
  • Structure designs stability certified is mandatory for approval / NOC
  • Client has to submit 2 sets of soil test, structural drawings, structural stability certificate & MEP drawings.


  • For basement in house of 1 Kanal and above, the client should give an undertaking of being responsible of damaged to neighbor.
  • There is no approved contractor of Bahria Town.
  • It is mandatory to get the approvals of exterior finishes from the Finished Expert / Architect of design wing. Violators will be charged Rs.50,000/-. Any rectification required will be done by the client at his/her own cost.
  • Fiber glass shades are not allowed.
  • Outdoor units of AC’s, must be installed on the roof top
  • Geyser shall be installed in rear COS.
  • Any kind of fencing is not allowed to erect outside the housed an the green belts.


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