Transfer Fee for Bahria Town Karachi

TYPE ▼SIZE ▼Revised w.e.f. 01-11- 2019 ▼
PLOT125 Sq. Yds34,000
ALI BLOCK PLOT125 Sq. Yds42,000
PLOT250 Sq. Yds74,000
PLOT500 Sq. Yds107,000
PLOT1000 Sq. Yds212,000
PLOT2000 Sq. Yds364,000
PRECINCT – 1 PLOT250 Sq. Yds98,000
BAHRIA HOMES ▼SIZE ▼Revised w.e.f. 01-11- 2019 ▼
IQBAL – VILLA – (Precinct-2)125 Sq. Yds195,000
QUAID – VILLA – (Precinct-2)200 Sq. Yds228,000
BAHRIA – HOME – (Precinct-10/11)125 Sq. Yds124,000
BAHRIA – HOME – (Precinct-10/11)200 Sq. Yds163,000
BAHRIA APARTMENT ▼SIZE ▼Revised w.e.f. 01-11- 2019 ▼
2-BED950 sq.ft70,000
3-BED2250 sq.ft124,000
4-BED2950 sq.ft189,000
BAHRIA HEIGHTS1100 sq.ft81,000
BAHRIA HEIGHTS II1100 Sq. ft108,000
BAHRIA HEIGHTS SHOP350 Sq. ft200,000
SPRTS CITY PLOTS / VILLA ▼SIZE ▼Revised w.e.f. 01-11- 2019 ▼
PLOT250 Sq. Yds55,000
PLOT500 Sq. Yds72,000
PLOT1000 Sq. Yds111,000
VILLA350 Sq. Yds95,000
GOLF CITY PLOTS ▼SIZE ▼Revised w.e.f. 01-11- 2019 ▼
PLOT500 Sq. Yds150,000
PLOT1000 Sq. Yds293,000
PLOT2000 Sq. Yds397,000
PARADISE PLOTS / VILLA ▼SIZE ▼Revised w.e.f. 01-11- 2019 ▼
PLOT250 Sq. Yds55,000
PLOT500 Sq. Yds72,000
PLOT1000 Sq. Yds111,000
VILLA500 Sq. Yds95,000
FARM HOUSES ▼SIZE ▼Revised w.e.f. 01-11- 2019 ▼
PLOT4000 Sq. Yds533,000
PLOT6000 Sq. Yds667,000
PLOT8000 Sq. Yds878,000
BAHRIA HILLS PLOTS ▼SIZE ▼Revised w.e.f. 01-11- 2019 ▼
PLOT500 Sq. Yds137,000
PLOT1000 Sq. Yds254,000
PLOT2000 Sq. Yds442,000
COMMERCIAL PLOTS ▼SIZE ▼Revised w.e.f. 01-11- 2019 ▼
Old Commercial125 Sq. Yds325,000
Old Commercial200 Sq. Yds518,000
Old Commercial250 Sq. Yds648,000
Midway  Commercial125 Sq. Yds488,000
Jinnah Avenue Commercial500 Sq. Yds1,105,000
Theme Park Commercial2412 Sq. Yds2,471,000
Centre Point Commercial2147 Sq. Yds1,715,000
Liberty Commercial250 Sq. Yds670,000
ENTRANCE  COMMERCIAL1650-2384 Sq. Yds5,500,000
MOSQUE COMMERCIAL2556 Sq. Yds3,250,000
CLUB HOUSE COMMERCIAL2758 Sq. Yds3,250,000
IQBAL  COMMERCIAL1884-2332 Sq. Yds6,000,000
P-36 COMMERCIAL1144-2827 Sq. Yds1,500,000
P-37 COMMERCIAL1368-2680 Sq. Yds1,700,000
DAY & NIGHT SAFARI COMMERCIAL323-3774 Sq. Yds4,500,000
LAKE VIEW COMMERCIAL1320-3400 Sq. Yds3,900,000
VALLEY VIEW COMMERCIAL2070-4252 Sq. Yds5,000,000
* Large commercial plots will have different transfer fee according to each plot size.


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